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What is ZWIPPI?
Zwippi is coin tossing game mostly known in townships as spinning.
It is a very simple game where a player flips a coin, hides it and the opponent guesses whether it is tails or heads.

We have converted this simple game into an app where people can play with their spare change coins across the country.
How to play ZWIPPI?
After downloading the app and Google or Apple App Store. You register your cell number and deposit as little as R1. Now you can play the classic game of “Heads” or “Tails”. It is not a "human vs. casino" but a human vs. human game.

  1. A. How much a player has in his Zwippi Account
  2. B. Guess whether Heads or Tails (For 1 rand)
  3. C. Hide Heads or Tails for other players to guess.

How to Deposit Money?
There’s three ways to Deposit money in ZWIPPI, via premium SMS, normal EFT or “coinJar”.

  1. Premium SMS, SMS “manual” to 48005 and get R1.50 credit in zwippi.
  2. EFT
  3. Coinjars: some selected spaza shops will have Coinjar ATMs where people can deposit directly into their Zwippi Accounts (See Diagram below)

For more details about Coinjar visit:
How to withdraw your winnings?
We pay  via instant payment mechanisms like:

  1.  FNB - E-wallet
  2.  Shoprite and Checkers - Money market
  3.  Absa -  Cash send
  4.  Nedbank - Send imali
  5. Standard Bank - Instant Money

 How does ZWIPPI make profits?
It is no secret; the catch is that you can’t make a withdrawal if your balance is below R100 and we deduct R20 from every withdrawal. Therefore the more people withdraw from the app the more we make profit.
Zwippi does not promise people jackpot or any big winnings, It is just an app to use spare change coins to push time. A game of heads or tails can be very tedious, but with enough time you can find yourself with R100 you can then withdraw and buy a cup of coffee.
Search for “Zwippi” in Google play store or Apple App store and give it try.
Contact Details
Developer and Founder: Mdu Ntuli
Company: Mdu Comics
Tel: 011 051 3822
Disclaimer: Mdu Comics does hold a gambling license, we are still looking for one. This app was developed by Mdu Comics  merely for research and entertainment purposes.